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Click Here to read about how Charity on Wheels got started!

/// 2023 Interview - My Fifteen Minutes with Brent McMahon - Homelessness - August 14th, 2023 

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/// 2023 Interview - Truth Behind California's Rising Homelessness - May 5th, 2023 

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/// 2023 Article - PSD-LCMS "God at Work" - April 30th, 2023 

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/// 2022 Documentary Film "Leaving California" - October 12th, 2022 

Founder of Charity on Wheels is featured at the 1.51 mark of this trailer and in a large portion of the film. 


/// 2022 Interview - Hour of Power - December 11th, 2022 

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/// 2022 Article - Los Angeles Times - October 12th, 2022 

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/// 2021 Interview - CA Insider - August 3rd, 2021 

/// 2021 Article - EPOCH TIMES - March 22, 2021 

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/// 2020 Article - November 26, 2020 

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/// 2019 Point in Time Homeless Count - April 26, 2019 

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/// NEWS REPORT: Working to End Homelessness One Person at a Time - April 19, 2019 

/// Charity on Wheels opens new facility - January 9, 2019 

After seven years of doing ministry in various locations Charity on Wheels was able to open it's own facility. What a blessing it is to have a refuge for people to come and enjoy great food, great speakers, and great music and fellowship each week. Now those suffering from poverty and homelessness have access to resources every week, enabling their return to self-reliance.  

/// Charity on Wheels first ever FUNDRAISER dinner - September 29, 2018 

Charity on Wheels' first ever fundraiser dinner was a huge success. So many friends came out to support our efforts to rescue those suffering from poverty and homelessness. Thank you to our amazing speakers John Collett and Leonard Russell, and thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors. You made the evening so special. God bless you all!

/// Charity on Wheels awarded Servant Leadership Award by Concordia University - April 22, 2017 

Zach & Michelle Southall were selected as this years recipients of Concordia University's prestigious Servant Leadership Award for their work with the homeless through Charity on Wheels. 

Zach Southall Michelle Southall
Zach Southall Michelle Southall
Concordia University
Concordia University
Ben and Onesa Anozie
Servant Leadership Award

/// Michelle Southall given Spirit of Volunteerism Award for work with Charity on Wheels - April 2017 

Michelle Southall received Mazda's Spirit of Volunteerism Award for her work with the homeless through Charity on Wheels.

/// Friends Church Youth join Charity on Wheels to serve the homeless - April 10, 2017 

Charity on Wheels was joined by 80 volunteers from Friends Church youth ministry on Monday, serving breakfast to over 250 people along the Orange Riverbed and offering assistance to those in need.

/// Article O.C. Register "Help is a Two Way Street" - December 11, 2016 

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