Charity on Wheels: The video above shows footage of our founder, Zach Southall speaking about Charity on Wheels mission. You can also see our Monday morning outreach teams in the Orange County Riverbed, along with footage from our Wednesday night gathering in Anaheim.   

Charity on Wheels is a 501c(3) non-profit organization focused on rehabilitating the homeless community in Orange County. In Jesus' name, Charity on Wheels cares for the homeless, the sick, and the broken. Our mission is to rescue, restore, and equip our brothers and sisters living on the street; to help people get back on the road to self-reliance. 

Becoming Aware of Homelessness: The video above shows footage of our Director, Mickey Jordan speaking about "Becoming Aware of Homelessness" to the Salvation Army. Mickey was formerly the Orange County Urban Ministries Director for Salvation Army.  


Charity on Wheels Working to End Homelessness One Person at a Time: This News Report shows footage of our Wednesday night gathering in Anaheim.